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Daniel Faggella is the founder of TechEmergence, and is dedicated entirely to the ethical implications of cognitive enhancement and the intersection of technology and psychology.

Daniel is a UPENN recipient of the Master of Applied Positive Psychology degree, under the tutelage of Martin Seligman, James Pawelski, and the Positive Psychology Center. Positive psychology aims to study not only human amelioration through an understanding of wellbeing, but strives to understand the further reaches of human potential.

Following his move to Cambridge, MA, to attend additional classes at the MIT Sloan Business School, Daniel began to expand his efforts in consulting startups and existing companies with their marketing efforts. His extensive focus on marketing automation strategies has been featured on sites like the Boston Business Journal, Under 30 CEO, Direct Marketing News, MarketingProfs, and many more.

Daniel started his first brick-and-mortal business during his undergraduate years at URI, and subsequently sold it at age 25, moving his attentions to an eCommerce venture (Science of Skill, LLC, now a seven-figure online publishing company with tens of thousands of global subscribers), and TechEmergence LLC.

In 2013, he authored his first book on emerging technology, “Explorations into the Philosophy of Transhumanism: A Lens to the Future Through the Thinkers of the Past”, where he interviewed modern experts on thinkers like Aristotle, Emerson, and Epictetus and framed modern trans-human ethical concerns (like mind uploading or immersive virtual reality) in light of ancient thought.

A frequent speaker at universities (Cornell, Duke, Brown, etc…) and business events, Dan’s presentations focus solely on startup marketing and the ethical considerations of emerging technology. His writings on emerging technology have been contributed to various publications such as the World Futurist Society’s print publication, the Institute of Ethics and Emerging Technology, TechCruch, the Boston Business Journal, and more.

Daniel holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under world champion Alexandre Soca, and became a IBJJF national champion at the rank of brown belt in 2011, in addition to nearly a dozen other gold metals in expert and pro levels of Jiu Jitsu competition.